Fire safety policies

Redline Safety can produce and review all types of fire safety policies and procedures for your company no matter how small, Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Fire Safety Policy

Every business is required to have a formal Fire Safety Policy. It is an important part of your fire safety management system for compliance under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

This document should be reviewed periodically & signed off by the most senior person in your company. It will demonstrate the company's fire safety procedures and what actions people should take in the event of fire.

This will ensure the safety of employees, and any visitors to the company's premises, from the dangers of fire. We can help businesses prepare their fire safety policy ensuring that it will be effective for their specific site.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency procedures should be produced after a fire risk assessment has taken place. These emergency procedures should be based on the findings of this assessment. It should be easily available for staff, occupiers, visitors, and enforcing authorities to see and be clear and easy to understand.
Redline Safety creates emergency procedure policies for many businesses. No matter how complex the building is, our consultants will deliver the highest standard and offer guidance or explanation where necessary.

Redline Safety's Emergency Plans usually include:

  • What to do when a fire is discovered
  • Alerting the rest of the building of a fire
  • Alerting the emergency services
  • Evacuation of premises (including those particularly at risk)
  • Power/Process Isolation
  • Assembly points and roll call
  • Emergency Services liaison
  • Identification of key exit/escape routes
  • Signage and emergency lighting
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Specific fire extinguisher responsibilities
  • Training, roles and responsibilities

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